5th May Neilston
6th – 7th May Leicestershire
7th May North Somerset
12th – 13th May Ayr
12th – 13th May Newark & Notts
16th – 18th May Royal Ulster
17th – 19th May Devon
19th May Hadleigh
19th May Fife
26th May Cothi Bridge
26th May Ballymena
26th May Drymen
26th – 27th May Hertfordshire
30th – 31st May Suffolk
30th May – 2nd June Royal Bath & West
2nd June North Antrim
2nd June Campsie
3rd June Kenilworth
7th – 9th June Royal Cornwall
7th – 9th June South of England
9th June Aberystwyth
9th June Angus
9th June Stirling
15th – 17th June Three Counties
15th – 17th June East of England
16th June Alyth
17th – 18th June Cheshire
20th – 21st June Lincolnshire
21st – 24th June Royal Highland
24th June Derbyshire
24th June West Midlands
27th – 28th June Royal Norfolk
1st – 4th July The Royal
7th July Omagh
7th July Doune & Dunblane
10th – 12th July Great Yorkshire
13th – 15th July Kent
14th July Castlewellan
14th July Kirriemuir
14th – 15th July Great Eccleston
18th July Driffield
21st July Biggar
21st July Cumberland
21st July Camborne
23rd – 26th July Royal Welsh
24th – 26th July New Forest & Hampshire
28th July Nairn
28th July Banchory
28th July Braco
1st August Cardigan
1st – 2nd August Bakewell
1st – 2nd August Black Isle
2nd August Honiton
3rd August Fishguard
7th – 8th August Fermanagh
8th August Enniskillen