30th April – 1st May Leicestershire
1st May North Somerset
6th May Neilston
10th – 12th May Balmoral
13th – 14th May Newark & Notts
13th – 14th May Ayr
14th May South Suffolk
18th – 20th May Devon
20th May Hadleigh
20th May Fife
27th May Ballymena
29th May Cothi Bridge
27th – 28th May Hertfordshire
31st May – 1st June Staffordshire
31st May – 1st June Suffolk
31st May – 3rd June Royal Bath & West
3rd June Campsie
3rd June Central & West Fife
3rd June Ballymoney
3rd June Lurgan
4th June Kenilworth
8th – 10th June South of England
8th – 10th June Royal Cornwall
10th June Stirling
10th June Armagh
10th June Aberystwyth
10th June Angus
16th – 17th June East of England
16th – 17th June Three Counties
17th June Alyth
17th June Saintfield
21st – 22nd June Lincolnshire
22nd – 25th June Royal Highland
24th June Newry
25th June Derbyshire
28th – 29th June Royal Norfolk
1st July Omagh
1st July Doune & Dunblane
2nd – 5th July Royal
8th July Tivy Side
8th July Echt
8th July Goosnargh
8th July Turriff
11th – 13th July Great Yorkshire
14th – 16th July Kent
15th July Newport
15th July Castlewellan
15th July Kirriemuir
15th – 16th July Great Eccleston
15th July Cumberland
16th July Ashby
21st – 23rd July Royal Lancashire
22nd July Antrim
22nd July Braco
22nd July Mid Devon
22nd July Biggar
24th – 27th July Royal Welsh
25th July Ryedale
25th – 27th July New Forrest
26th July Clogher Valley
26th July Nantwich
26th July Banchory
29th July Nairn
30th – 31st July Turriff
1st – 2nd August Enniskillen
2nd – 3rd August Bakewell
2nd – 3rd August Black Isle
3rd August Honiton
4th – 5th August Perth
5th August Oswestry
5th August Garstang
5th August Dumfries
6th – 7th August Keith
9th – 10th August United Counties
10th August Okehampton
11th August Cardigan
12th August Halifax
12th August Dalston
15th – 17th August Pembroke
16th August Shaftesbury
17th August Denbighshire
18th August Lampeter
18th August Dunster
19th August Llandeilo
19th August Skelton
19th August Drymen
19th August Ashbourne
23rd August Martletwy
26th August Chipping
27th – 28th August Moorgreen
27th – 28th August Edenbridge & Oxted
2nd September Llandyssul
2nd September Moreton in Marsh
2nd September Strathaven
8th September Llandyfaelog
9th September Romsey
14th September Westmorland